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UniekGrace – ”Ku Ishe”



UniekGrace is back with a spanking new single -“KU ISHE“.

“KU ISHE” a Yoruba word which roughly translates as “My father well done ”, is a dancing song with heavy percussion.

When you think about the things you have experienced in life; the good, the bad, the scary, the inexplicable, and yet you end up better than okay, there are moments when you ask yourself this question “how did I manage to do that?” This question I also ask myself one too many times, and the response I get is this; It is God all the way. So I am using this song to remind us that it is not by our power or our might BUT BY GOD. So in my dialect I am saying Baba mi “KU ISHE”.

KU ISHE” produced by Pegguy Tabu and written by UniekGrace.



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