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Kangol Michael #Hello Recording & Performing Artist Wishes to drop the Video of His Recent Track Titled WATER Tomorrow being 13th of the Month 2019 Anticipate



Hello 👪
Good morning from this side ♥ ♥
How was ur night?

#TeamHello 🌍🌍 !!
Just wana inform you that 👉 WATER VIDEO DROPS TOMORROW!

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I believe you guys! So let’s do it again. Help repost on all social medias 👉 #status #profiles #stories #instagram #facebook #twitter #2go🏃 #yahoo 😂 😂!

No mind me 🏃, I just want to disturb everywhere Cox this Video really what it!! Dir. By @sortitudae 🚀

You never disappoint me👍!
Thanks for ur Supports so far.. By his grace we taking Over.

#Hellosdays2moro 👍👍 #LetsSpreadTheGoodNews