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Gist: LarryBlaze wrote a Letter to Nnewi Entertainer



LarryBlaze wrote a Letter to Nnewi Entertainer

This is a food for thought
Do you think nnewi entertainers are valued in nnewi?
do you think they are getting things are supposed to be getting ?
at a point I will say we are stupid and senseless because we don’t take important things serious

We lack self respect
we lack the ability to realise our worth
listen in nnewi no politician or big man has ever mobilized or done anything for entertainers , they only remember you during campaign, they will use u and give you peanuts and you will be jumping up that He has done this or done that

my brothers wake up
our senator and other rich men has given out cars worth so many millions out to those top entertainers

now I wanna bring up some facts here
Senator Ifeanyi Uba is a very good mah whom I respect for his generosity but check this, he gave out a car worth about 200,000,000 naira to Phyno (true or false?)
How many has he given to our own Nnewi artistes ? just 1 car (what a pity)

Innoson gave out a vehicle to Ozo BBnaija (true or false?) how many has he given to nnewi entertainers ? none

They don’t regard us
they are only concerned on how they can use us

so are you telling me that we don’t have entertainers with the potential of Flavour ,phyno,Basket mouth,AY comedian etc in nnewi? we do but no one recognizes us

now the big question is this


Because we are dumb
we don’t know what is supposed or not
listen Nnewi has upto or more than 60% of the richest men in Anambra and I know if you rate in Nigeria Nnewi is also recognized
but none of them has ever looked towards ENTERTAINMENT
because we dont speak up

We dont speak up
we seek for favours and sell the truth
we don’t wanna be seen as a bad person
we are having empty Hopes
we are afraid to say the truth because we dont want to offend anyone

That is stupid
Tell them the truth let them get angry and do the right thing
We are treated with no respect
They dont value us.



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