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Gist: Did You Call Odumeje a Fake Pastor ? You need to read this !



Did You Call Odumeje a Fake Pastor ? You need to read this !

I see some Christians posting all sorts of bad contents regarding Odumeje. This is wrong on every sides, because i have come to understand that pastors are not perfect like we make them to be.

I had previously chosen to just ignore but let me state that Odumeje’s crime is his inability to not speak English and his love for casual outfits.

Odumeje has not done half of what your favourite pastors have done, i hope you are cognozant of this fact, because i grew up in the church.

While your pastor is buying private Jets, building world standard edifices and schools that your children cant afford to attend, Odumeje was giving Money to fire victims, food to the poor and building roads.

While your pastor was allegedly looking for another female victim to exploit sexually, Odumeje was showing his wife love and being a father to his beautiful children.

Were we not here when Pastor Adeboye asked people to donate 1billion each? Were we not here when your GO in Abuja asked his members to Jump into the cleansing Pool for 50k? Are you not aware that your pastors sell mantle and olive oil?

While your Pastors move around with Armed men, Odumeje is in the street mixing with street boys and girls, maybe thats why you call him a fake prophet.

People that couldnt critisize the COZA pastor are insulting Odumeje and thats laughable.

Some of your pastors have been banned from entering some countries because of fraud, are you aware ?

Odumeje dances “in a worldly fashion” but your suit wearing and English speaking pastor wines and dines with corrupt politicians.

I can go on and on but let me not open fowl nyash.