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BBNaija: Khafi In Tears Because Gedoni Keeps Distance From Her Since Kim LeftLeft



The Matchmaker

During her conversation with Omashola, Khafi revealed her sadness about the distance between herself and her self-selected Pepper Dem partner – Gedoni. In his response, Omashola said he noticed the distant communication between the pair and had told Gedoni to address the issue with Khafi. This conversation prompted Khafi to address the space in their situationship.

What Stirred Up The Trouble?

Khafi addressed the trouble in their ship by asking Gedoni why the pair had been distant since Sunday. This was evident when Khafi was seen struggling to memorise her lyrics in today’s Pepsi Know Da Lyrics Task – and while other Housemates helped her get through the struggle, Gedoni was nowhere to be found. To her, he just wasn’t there for her.

To Khafi, she felt her answer to Ebuka’s question about her feelings for Gedoni made him scared and caused this distance. We reckon it wouldn’t be easy to forget the moment Khafi was caught agreeing with Ebuka that Gedoni had arrested her heart. Biggie’s cupid must be doing a great job in the House.

“It felt like you only used me to get over KimOprah and now that she’s gone, you’re done playing the game”, said Khafi as she revealed her fears.

Sober Gedoni

In his defence, Gedoni said he has always had issues in his past relationships as a result of getting easily misunderstood. He also blamed the rain for his moody behaviour in the House and promised he didn’t keep his distance intentionally. Is this a good enough excuse to keep the stormy weather away?

Tears and Cuddles

“I won’t make you feel that way again”, said Gedoni, while he tried explaining the reason for the rift between them. Emotional Khafi burst out in tears as she kept on revealing her fears about getting emotionally attached to him – which birthed a cuddling moment between the pair.