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TECH: 9 important things you should know about new iPhone 11




As Apple will be releasing its the new iPhone 11, on Tuesday, September 9, there are some core things to know about the device that is about to flood the market.

It should be noted, however, that most of the things known about the new phone are very much still based on rumours as nobody has officially released details about the phone.

Here are therefore the 11 top things to know about the new device:

1. Display

It is guessed that the iPhone 11 will have a 5.8 inch displace just like iPhone XS but has smaller sides. The display will be using the OLED screen display technology that render black colours well.

2. Cost

Though the new price of the new phone has not been known, it is expected to come at a very market competitive price of £999, the same price the iPhone XS goes for.

3. Radio technology

Rumour has it that the phone will not be coming with the much expected 5G technology that comes with great download speed. It will be sticking with the 4G technology that other models before it use.

4. More advanced camera design

One of the things that would separate the new iPhone from the others is its triple camera design. The tipple camera will be at the rear, enhancing photo and video quality.

It should be noted that iPhone had its first dual camera technology in 2016.

5. Camera quality from 7MP and 12 MP with invisible lenses

It was also predicted that the phone may come with some invisible lenses where selfie camera quality will be upgraded from 7 megapixels to 12 megapixels.

6. Battery size and improvement

The battery of the iPhone will be a bit larger than the iPhone XS in a way that would not make the phone any way bigger than its previous model.

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The power of the battery is stronger that it could be used to charge other device in a two-way wireless charging system.

7. Improved 3D touch

The new iPhone will allow a harder press to unlock menus on the phone unlike other previous models. The technology has been tagged as Taptic Touch.

8. The possibility of a USB-C feature

Though Apple has stopped its USB changing technology in recent times, unverified reports have it that the new iPhone may bring back the technology.

9. Tracking system

iPhone 11 could come with a new tracking technology that would work services like iCould so that lost e-wallets could be tracked